Our Mission

Mike and Stephanie

Founders of Air O Sport

What We Believe


To deliver peak moments through play to communities around the world.

Air O Sport Values

  • Customers first. Over deliver and exceed expectations.
  • Pursue growth and learning.
  • Think big, start small with positive
  • Inspire good deeds. Create a revolution of generosity and kindness through play.
  • Create an environment of FUN where employees can think big, have fun and do good.

With Air O Sport, our goal is to give you an outlet that will make you feel like a kid again. We’re huge advocates for the power of play. Now, more than ever, we believe people need random moments of active play to help release endorphins and improve our overall well-being.

At Air O Sport we want to encourage you to find your own play.

These are exciting times and we believe the Air O Sport community will help bring positive energy and action to affect three large problems affecting society today:

  1. Resolving Technology Addiction – By encouraging a habit of active play
  2. Ending the Water Crisis – By providing clean drinking water to 1 person for 365 days for each unit sold
  3. Bringing families and friends together – Using play to bridge the gaps of isolation and division

The Power of Play
We are huge advocates for the power of play.
Now, more than ever, we believe people need to put a little play in their lives. And not just playing on a computer.
Getting out into the sunshine! Moving around! Interacting with others!
That’s our idea of play!
And we hope it will become yours.
We hope you love playing Air O Sport and that it gives you countless peak moments for your tribe!