Air O Sport is a mix of your favorite sports, packed into 1 backyard game 





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Inclusive Design

Created for diverse players and skill levels.

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Promotes Social Learning

Gain valuable collaboration skills as your team works together.

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Endless Ways to Play

Never get bored again with infinite game variations.

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Play anywhere, anytime

Easy to transport and set up.

PLAY is for everyone 

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For Families

Whether you play in your own backyard or take it on the road, Air O Sport helps you make lasting family memories.

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Add some fun to your home workout program with endless ways to play or train. 

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Recreational Programs

Camps, schools, and colleges are using Air O Sport to create more inclusive recreation events.

Bring Air O Sport Anywhere

Whether it’s your backyard, local park, next camping trip or the beach, Air O Sport will deliver the fun!”

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Amazing game! So much fun for the whole family! Purchased and took to my family reunion, just got called today and asked to bring it to Thanksgiving for us all to play again!

Wendy Thompson

When I saw my 13 year old niece and my 86 year old father-in-law celebrate their shots, I knew this was a game for all. Fun, fresh and fetching! AirOSport is the game to have!

Lisa Dowis

This brings me back to the good old days when kids wanted to be outside! Something that gets kids and grown ups outside off cell phones is a good thing. 

Stephen McMenimen

What an awesome game! I love the adaptability and the build quality of the set. There are so many different ways of playing that fit everyone of all ages, abilities, and skill levels! I’d give more stars if I could!

Matthew Plaas

This is sooo fun and affordable. The kids love it. I can’t believe we even hesitated before purchasing this.

Greg Gordon

What a great fun game for student of all ages. I like the durability to last over the years and dynamic for use at school or at home

Victor Chavez

Air O Sport is an incredibly fun game to play. We have 2 sets of the game for our office and it’s a wonderful way to relieve some stress of the work day.

We played the game at a party this past weekend with friends and Air O Sport was a big time hit. We would highly recommend the game for anyone looking to have a good time with friends and family.

Ralista Carter

Amazing sports game that can be played anywhere and suitable for everyone. As an Adapted Physical Education Specialist and athlete, I enjoyed playing this game and could easily spend hours playing it. I can’t wait to bring Air O Sport to my Adapted Physical Education Department.

Ricardo Flores Hernandez

Who knew an entertaining game of this magnitude and fun would also be this much of a workout too! Great fun for every! No sideline sitters in this game. Family reunions, picnics, informal gatherings and it’s easy to learn as well. Every family should start a new tradition and have one of these games in their collection. It will become your new favorite.

Todd Barker

Whether you are looking for a relaxing game with friends and family in your backyard or something more competitive where you can get some exercise and some bragging rights, this is the game for you. I’ve seen people of all ages – from teenagers to grandparents in their 80s – have a great time this with game. I would highly recommend Air O Sport for your company, family retreat or your community park.
Jason Carter

As soon as I saw Air O Sport, I knew I wanted it for my student ministry. It’s what I call an “equalizer” game in the sense that all kids, no matter their size or skill, can play Air O Sport and enjoy it. Our students are LOVING it.

Pastor, Youth Ministry, Johnson Ferry Baptist Church

Air O Sport has been great for youth programs, staff events and camps. It is a blast to play, and very adaptable. You can customize gameplay from very active & skilled, to low activity & skilled, enabling it to be tailored to fit any group you are playing with.

Site Director, YMCA of the Pikes Peak Region

It’s a great sport, all summer camps should check it out.
Air O Sport is an enhancement to the programs we already offer.

Executive Director , YMCA Camp Shady Brook

Great fun! We’ve found a way to implement this into several different areas of our camp program. Easy to assemble, fun to play, quick to tear down. It’s just challenging enough for my kids (9-12) but not impossible.

Outpost Director, River Valley Ranch Camp

 We purchased a set for our Summer Camp last season. Our staff were able to set it up run activities with very little input needed from administration. Adding some water to the rockets made it great fun on a hot day.

Chris Grumbine

Summer Camp Manager, Pathfinder Ranch

Air O Sport Players

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Recreation Programs

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Air O Sport is a game set that combines the accuracy of frisbee golf with the action of basketball and ultimate. It’s a no-contact sport. No one gets hurt. Everyone has fun!

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Meet Mike and Stephanie

Air O Sport is an inclusive game created to bring families and communities closer together. Founders Mike and Stephanie Kinner believe games should be enjoyed by everyone, regardless of age, ability, or activity level, and set out to design a game that would engage people from all over the world. 



Air O Sport Family Set

Air O Sport Bundle includes

1 Target Tower, 5 Air O Rockets, 4 Air O Discs, 1 Carrying Case,  Laminated Rules

3 Year Warranty

In addition, every Air O Sport purchase includes

  • Glow in the Dark Air O Discs (Valued at $39)
  • Continual fitness, game and play inspiration including Downloadable Guides 
  • Support of our charitable partner, LifeWater.  Every Air O Sport ordered gives access to clean water for 365 days to someone in need.


  • Setup & gameplay instructions
  • 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee
  • Hours of high-flying fun!
“Love it…. Or we’ll buy it back!”


No cheap PVC or plastic, here. We used durable, high-quality materials that will keep your Air O
Sport set delivering fun moments for years to come!




Powder coated, airplane grade aluminum alloy

Outdoor grade thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU)

Lightweight, tear-resistant fabric



We’re confident that you and your group will love playing Air O Sport. But just in case you don’t,

just send it back within 30 days and we’ll give you a full refund.** Buyer is responsible for any return shipping costs


What is Air O Sport?

Air O Sport is a target sport that combines elements of basketball, ultimate frisbee, disc golf, and team handball. It is a game that is appropriate for players of all skill levels and most ages. Whether you’re a beginner who just wants to learn a fun, new sport, or you’re a seasoned athlete who loves the thrill of competitive play, Air O Sport provides a fun experience.

How do you score?

Points are awarded for landing a direct hit on rocket targets. From the right angle, you can knock off 2 rockets with 1 throw awarding the thrower 2 points. Shots must be taken from behind the set boundary line to count. Defense is played similar to basketball.

How do you play?

Air O Sport can be adapted to just about any group size, skill level and can be played on any flat surface. The most popular way to play is found in the how to play section. Air O Sport can be a simple target sport.

How do you get the boundary circle?

3 Options:

  1. Order the Air O Circle which is the easiest way to play indoors and on the fly.
  2. Purchase a portable lacrosse crease
  3. Use chalk, spray paint or another safe option to define boundaries for Air O Sport.
How portable is it?

Air O Sport can be assembled and put away in under 2 minutes. The portable carrying case is 32”x9” and weighs 15 lbs.

How large are the rockets and what are they made out of?

The rockets are made with thermoplastic polyurethane. TPU is an extremely durable material made of a mixture of soft silicone and hard plastic.

Are the poles Cheap PVC?

No! We upgraded all the poles to powder coated, airplane grade aluminum alloy.

Seems pricey! Why is it so expensive?

If you compare Air O Sport to similar target sports and lead up games the price is extremely competitive. Air O Sport is a multi-use product that can be enjoyed by just about any skill level. As you are well aware, cheap products aren’t durable and durable products aren’t cheap. We are so confident in the durability that Air O Sport comes with a 3-year manufacturers warranty.

How many people can play?

The official full court game size is 7 vs 7. Just like basketball, it can be adapted to one on one and you can have round robin tournaments. Subbing is recommended as Air O Sport provides a high cardio workout.

Do you offer school or non-profit discounts?

Yes! Email

What is your return policy?

We offer a 30-day return policy. The consumer must bear the cost of shipping back to us.

We're a non-profit, how can we make a tax-exempt purchase?

If you work with a non-profit and you’d like to make a tax-exempt purchase, please contact us here and a member of our Air O Sport team will reach out to you. We appreciate your interest!