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Air O Sport is a team game that can be played indoors on a court, on carpet or outdoors in a field.

It combines the best elements of frisbee golf and basketball.

Does your association hold one or two meetings a month? • Do you have an annual convention?

We know that entertainment directors can face a challenge in arranging activities for its members that are suitable for team building, or for just breaking up the monotony of sitting indoors listening to presentations all day long.

An ideal ice-breaker is to have a few outdoor activities to engage your members, and the brand-new game of Air O Sport is just right for that purpose.

There are many ways to play Air O Sport and any way can be chosen that best suits your members.


Accuracy Contests

If your members aren’t too mobile, they can concentrate on Accuracy Contests, similar to H-O-R-S-E in basketball. For full rules, see our How to Play page.

Team Game

Your members, of any age, can separate into teams ranging from three to eight players.

It’s non-contact, so it doesn’t require strength.

Since there are plenty of team members, great mobility isn’t required. Simply pass the Air O Disc from one team member to another, similar to basketball, until someone feels they are in a position to score!

For full rules, see our How to Play page.

Fresh Ideas for your events!

If you’re looking for new ways to energize your members, consider introducing them to the fun game of Air O Sport!

Why not contact us today to learn more?

Fundraiser Opportunities

Looking for a way to raise funds?

Hosting an Air O Sport tournament is an ideal way to draw in needed resources with a minimum investment on the part of your organization.

The Benefits of Sponsoring an Air O Sport Tournament

If you are looking for ways to raise funds for your organization, few events offer such a great opportunity as hosting an Air O Sport tournament.

Air O Sport is a fun game for all skill levels, which ensures that participants will have a great time, and help out a worthy cause.

Best of all!

An Air O Sport set – either the single Tower or the full court set, costs very little and can be gifted to the winning team if desired, or be used as a prize for the Raffle.

How to host an Air O Sport Tournament

Put up posters and request participants to RSVP.  A first tournament in any sport/activity may be sparsely attended, but as you hold the event annually and awareness of the event grows, you’ll get more and more participants.

Once you know how many people plan to participate in the tournament, order your Air O Sport sets if you don’t already have them. You’ll want at least one full court set.

Combine the tournament with other fund-raising activities such as door prizes for spectators, a 50-50 Raffle, and perhaps a silent auction. We offer customized Air O Sport sets with the name or emblem of your charitable organization – email us at for more information!

We’ve got tips for you on how to host an Air O Sport Tournament. Contact us at and we will send a pdf with guidelines to arrange the entire thing – from start to finish.

I’ve been a camp director for 35 years. To me, Air O Sport is the perfect camp initiative. It’s something any camp can utilize.
Anybody with any ability can enjoy it. It breaks down, you can send it on a river trip. I’m pretty excited about it.

-Sonny Adkins

Executive Director, Bear Pole Expeditions