Benefits of “Play”

What Are The Benefits of Playing Air O Sport?

Not just playing Air O Sport, but any team game, whether outdoor or indoor, that requires physical activity?

Social Activity

Participating in a multi-player sport is a great way to meet people. Social awkwardness is minimized because everyone is working toward a common goal – playing a game. This makes it the perfect ice breaker for shy individuals.

Team-Working Skills

By teaming up with others to work together toward a common goal – in this case preventing the opposing team from scoring, and everyone on your own team working together to score – teamwork skills are developed.  These teamwork skills can be useful in every other aspect of life as well.


Exercise helps keep muscles toned, and helps develop hand-eye coordination and self-confidence.

Thanks to the high fun factor of Air O Sport, coupled with the high cardio it can generate when players really get into it, we like to call it “camouflage fitness!” Players get in a quick workout without even realizing it!

Check out this video from Dr. Stuart Brown.

We all need play in our lives.

It’s possible to play a computer game for the mental refreshment it provides, but computer games or board games don’t provide the fast-paced action and physical activity that team sports deliver.

Air O Sport is the social, team-building and fast-paced fun game that will have kids, teens and adults leaving their couches and enjoying the fresh air and sunshine of the outdoors.