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Air O Sport is a 7v7 single-sex and co-rec sport that is inclusive and fun for all skill levels.

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Homecoming events • welcome week • intramurals • reunions • glow in the dark nights

Air O Sport is a team target sport that combines elements of basketball, ultimate frisbee, disc golf and team hand ball. It is a game that is appropriate for players of all skill levels and most ages. Whether you’re a beginner who just wants to learn a fun, new sport, or you’re a seasoned athlete who loves the thrill of competitive play, Air O Sport provides a fun experience.



Knock Rockets off the Rocket Tower with soft, safe Air O Discs – aerodynamically shaped bean bags.

We saw Air O Sport at NIRSA and feel it will be the perfect setup, we will use Air O Sport for welcome week, greek week and events. We also plan to team up with our ultimate club and bring it into our Intramural programming in the future as well.

-Jason Harrington

Coordinator of Intramurals & Sport Clubs , Lamar University

Air O Sport helps develop the following skills

Basic Motor Skills

Basic and advanced striking, passinG

Defensive skills. Your team is guarding the rockets rather than an imaginary goal line

Spatial Awareness

Social and Emotional Team Skills

Selfless teamwork.


  • Played indoors or outdoors
  • Large + Small Groups
  • Play on any flat surface
  • Inclusive-All skill levels can play
  • Countless ways to play-“Team Knockout” is the perfect icebreaker!
  • Adaptive Sport
  • Play casually as a backyard game
  • Run a fun and engaging tournament