Community Organizations

What outdoor games do you play at your community events that are suitable for everybody regardless of skill level?

If you’re looking for a new, fun activity for your community events, we’d like to introduce Air O Sport!

Air O Sport can be played by boys and girls and men and women of all skill levels. It can be played in teams from 1 person to 16 – 8 on each team!

Fun for Kids of all Skill Levels

Easy to Play

Non-Contact and Safe for all

Kids and teens love Air O Sport because it combines the skills of disc golf and basketball, all into one action-packed, non-contact sport that they can play with their friends or with family.

Air O Sport is not about strength, speed or athletic ability, it’s all about accuracy, teamwork, mental focus, and FUN!

Easy from start to finish

It’s easy to set up an Air O Sport Target Tower.

The rules to play are simple to understand.

And it’s so easy to have fun!

Air O Sport also provides great exercise especially if a Two Tower Full Court Set is used.

Indoor and outdoor play

The Target Tower(s) can be set up securely in a field or on an outdoor basketball court or on an indoor court, too.

The Air O Discs are made of a soft yet sturdy material that won’t jam fingers. They’re not suitable for use in a living room, we have to say!

Air O Sport makes for a great icebreaker type of game, but it’s fun enough to be used year-round. Form Air O Sportleagues and let the fun commence!