Summer Camps

Summer camp executive directors LOVE the fact that Air O Sport delivers a fun new activity that will energize, socialize and engage their campers!

Fun for Kids of all Skill Levels

Easy to Play

Non-Contact and Safe for all

Fun Icebreaker

If you’d like a fresh new activity for your field sessions, or need a high “put through” session with limited supervision, Air O Sport delivers for you!

We designed Air O Sport with summer camps in mind.

After conducting extensive market research, we learned that campers of all ages put sports equipment through extreme use and abuse!

As a result, we made sure everything that goes into an Air O Sport game is made of top-quality materials that can withstand years of use.

  • Poles are crafted from airplane-grade aluminum, not PVC!
  • The rockets are crafted from outdoor-grade molded rubber, not breakable plastic.
  • The Air O Discs are easy to throw and soft on impact with a water-resistant material.

Air O Sport makes a great icebreaker game that helps introduce campers to each other. The game is so fun to play that kids may want to play it every day!

I’ve been a camp director for 35 years. To me, Air O Sport is the perfect camp initiative. It’s something any camp can utilize.
Anybody with any ability can enjoy it. It breaks down, you can send it on a river trip. I’m pretty excited about it.

- Jay Pulter

Executive Director, Bear Pole Expeditions

Air O Sport can be played indoors, too, if the weather isn’t cooperating.

Simply bring the Rocket Towers into a gym and let the fun begin!

1J2A6038Our mission is to help you deliver endless moments of creative outdoor play with Air O Sport™. The goal of your summer camp is to deliver a fun, memorable, and team-building experience to your campers.

Air O Sport™ is the next level of a team-building sport that will deliver hours of fun and also help campers:

  • build confidence
  • improve fine motor skills
  • shape character
  • reward achievement
  • build and strengthen friendships

We invite you to learn more about how Air O Sport™ can add to your camp experience. 

Please contact us today and join the many camps that have added Air O Sport™ to their activity list.