“It’s a great sport, all summer camps should check it out.
Air O Sport is an enhancement to the programs we already offer.”

– Sonny Adkins – Executive Director YMCA Camp Shady Brook.

“I can’t wait to receive our Air O Sport! My son is going to have such a blast playing with his friends this summer. I’m so excited that they can have an activity that will include all the kids in the neighborhood, regardless of age. This will keep them moving and active, refreshing them on hot afternoons with a splash of water, (and I don’t have to worry about cleaning up water balloon remnants from my yard! Double bonus) and it’s economical and affordable.”

   – Sadie B.

“My family and I played it at a kid’s birthday party. It was a warm day so we loved getting splashed with cool water from the rockets. If I had to describe the game I’d say it blends frisbee and water balloons (but without the waste!) with competition for all ages. I saw teenagers and adults playing this as much as the children. I can’t wait to one for my friends and family.”

– Stefanie A. 

“This game is simply amazing. We need more activities like this for kids and families so we can spend more time together outdoor doing things like this that we enjoy instead of being inside all day. I love it. It will change the way you have fun not just with your kids but with adults. My boy loves water and this is just the perfect thing”

 Ellie I.

“Now I know exactly what to get my son for his birthday! I’ve been looking for something that would encourage my teenage boys to be outside and spend time together. I saw this game in motion and it is phenomenal!! I cannot wait to have it in my own backyard.”

– Harmony H. 

“This brings me back to the good old days when kids wanted to be outside! Something that gets kids and grown ups outside off cell phones is a good thing. This is a healthy thing, like it a lot. Reminds me of the excitement when I was a kid in the summer of 63 and slip n slide came out. We had the time of our life with Slip n slide in my childhood and Air O Sport reminds of those days.”

– Stephen M.