Youth Ministry

When kids get together to play and have fun, we all win.

Fun for Kids of all Skill Levels

Easy to Play

Non-Contact and Safe for all

Let’s face it – you are pouring your heart and soul into your youth ministry, wearing so many hats and impacting so many lives.

A great way to help your kids – and yourself – is to create fun outdoor games to help give kids a change of pace every so often, and work on their team building and sportsmanship skills..

We’d like to think that Air O Sport is our “Thank You” to you, for the impact you are making in our communities, connecting the Gospel through fun and community.

Youth ministry leaders love the fact that Air O Sport takes the guesswork out of planning their next activities.

  • Students tell us they love the challenge of knocking down the Rockets and building friendship through play!
  • Air O Sport is engaging and inclusive for all skill levels.
  • Youth Ministers tell us they love seeing students smile and have fun.
  • Air O Sport is easy to learn and teach and can be played indoors and outside.

I’ve been a camp director for 35 years. To me, Air O Sport is the perfect camp initiative. It’s something any camp can utilize.
Anybody with any ability can enjoy it. It breaks down, you can send it on a river trip. I’m pretty excited about it.

-Sonny Adkins

Executive Director, Bear Pole Expeditions

1J2A6038Our mission is to help you deliver endless moments of creative outdoor play with Air O Sport™. The goal of your summer camp is to deliver a fun, memorable, and team-building experience to your campers.

Air O Sport™ is the next level of a team-building sport that will deliver hours of fun and also help campers:

  • build confidence
  • improve fine motor skills
  • shape character
  • reward achievement
  • build and strengthen friendships

We invite you to learn more about how Air O Sport™ can add to your camp experience. 

Please contact us today and join the many camps that have added Air O Sport™ to their activity list.

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